Friday, April 30, 2010

Apple beats Moto in USA as global iPhone sales explode

Apple has eclipsed Motorola as the biggest mobile phone maker in the US, while fresh research tells us iPhone-driven global smartphone sales grew 50 per cent in the first quarter. Meanwhile, over half a million iPhones sold in just five months in South Korea.

This is a big deal - Apple has become the biggest phone maker in the US, selling 8.8 million iPhones, beating out previous leading phone maker, Motorola, which sold just 8.5 million of its various flavoured handsets in the spring quarter, down 6.2 million since this time last year.

No surprise that 2.3 million of Motorola’s phones were smartphones. This reflects industry direction. According to the latest research from Strategy Analytics, global smartphone shipments grew 50 percent year-over-year, to reach 54 million units in Q1 2010.

Tom Kang, Director at Strategy Analytics, said.. “Global smartphone shipments reached 54 million units during Q1 2010, accounting for 18 percent of handset volumes, and growing a huge 50 percent from 36 million in Q1 2009. This was the strongest period of growth for almost 3 years and the high-value smartphone market is leading the handset industry out of recession. Sales are being driven by healthy operator subsidies, vigorous competition between vendors and a growing tide of lower-cost models using operating software like Symbian and Android.”

The analysts note that Apple shifted 25.1 million iPhones last year, but has already moved 8.8 million units in Q1 2010, for 16.4 percent marketshare, up from 10.6 percent this time last year. This means almost one-in-five smartphones sold worldwide are iPhones - with a new model iPhone set to debut in the coming weeks, sure to drive up sales.

News from South Korea, KT Telecom admitted a decline in profit on strength of higher marketing expenses, mostly connected to iPhone sales.

The marketing’s been working, or so it seems, KT has sold over 550,000 iPhones since November 28 2009 (c.5 months) and intends parlaying these sales into seizing a grip on the local wireless data market.