Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Apple iPad: Eager customers make a beeline for Apple’s new ‘tablet’ wonder!

It would scarcely be an exaggeration to suggest that, millions of gizmo freaks and technoholicks, would inevitably have been counting down to the day when the latest engineering wonder from the iconic, futuristic gadget churning stable of ‘Apple’, would finally hit the commercial spaces around the United States of America.

Indeed, a heady word of mouth buzz and near breathless sense of expectancy had already been generated among legions of gadget maniacs and Apple faithfuls, around the much hyped, ultra –futuristic mini – computer called ‘Apple iPad’, and from the sheer craze that was evident on the formal launch of this ‘pint sized’ PC, one could say that a spill –over of the outrageous buzz and enthusiasm was fairly inevitable onthe day the iPad officially goes on sale in the United States.

And, as per the latest reports, it would appear that, quite in tune to what was being expected, a heady count of potential customers showed up at the Apple stores on Saturday, to lay their hands on the ‘mini wonder’.

On the evidence of the latest report, carried by Boston.com, it is learned that outrageously long and snaky queues of enthusiastic buyers, was reportedly in evidence outside several Apple outlets in America, and just to lay a further sense of the sheer craze around the official release of the iPad yesterday, a near swarming count of Apple enthusiasts were seen making a beeline outside the commercial spaces since midnight.

Patrick Collison, a gizmo geek and an MIT student from Ireland, was quoted as raving excitedly after grabbing his much desired tech –toy, “I’ve only had it for about five minutes or so, but so far, it’s pretty sweet. Despite the criticism of it just being a large iPod (Touch), it feels very different. I’m impressed.”

Suffice to say that if the manic craze among American natives is any indication, one can scarcely doubt the reception of this miniature Apple gizmo, once it hits the commercial spaces worldwide.

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