Saturday, April 17, 2010

Belgium: Muslim associations distance themselves from call for Sharia law

In response to the political storm caused by the Sharia4Belgium organization.


Several Muslim associations published a joint press release expressly distancing themselves from the call to implement Sharia. "Supporters of these provocative statements only represent themselves. Therefore, the representative and recognized representation of Muslims in Belgium firmly and vehemently distances itself from this statement," it says.


According to the associations, Islam is an integral part of the cultural and religious landscape of Belgium. "The Islamic components within Belgian society have chosen to live together in harmony with the other parts of this society in mutual respect and regard for the constitution, the institutions and the laws of the Belgian people," according to the press release, signed by the Union of Muslims in Belgium, the Federation of Unions of Mosque Associations in Flanders, the Unions of Mosque Associations in the Provinces of Antwerp (UMIVPA), Limburg (UMIVEL), East Flanders, West Flanders, Flemish-Brabant and the Federation of Islamic religion teachers.

The press release also refers to the 'Anglo-Saxon model that some want to import." According to the organizations, this runs counter to integration and full citizenship.

The press release also warns of Islamophobia in all its forms, which would contribute to a fertile breeding ground for radical groups, "with which they have 'objective' alliance and encouragement, as was established by famous analysts."

The associations call on all citizens to defend the universal values of freedom and pluralist democracy and to safeguard a peaceful society.

Source: HLN (Dutch)