Monday, April 5, 2010

Blog Hatter Pro 2010 - Can You Really Make Money With Blogger and Wordpress?

Blog Hatter Pro 2010 is a cutting edge software program that allows users to create high quality semi-autoblogs in a matter of minutes. Blogging as we know, has been here with us for some couple of years now. Generally, people use blogs to write down their opinions and lives, while others use it as a free way to generate a fortune.

I've wanted to get a hold of some of these blogging information products that have begun to emerge lately, mainly targeted at the Internet Marketing World, but certainly of interest to the blogging community. This is the main reason why I became interested in Blog Hatter.

What is Blog Hatter?

Blog Hatter aims to use Blogger and Wordpress blogs to draw search engine traffic to sell affiliate products. The idea is to research a niche, find a good product to market, grab some traffic, and make sales. Then rinse and repeat, finding new niches, and start building another profitable blog.

The core distinction is the way the blog is created along with the motivation behind the process. With a software program like Blog Hatter, you concentrate on the money making potential, find niches that could be lucrative, and the system will automatically fill your blog with keyword rich content.

The Good Parts:

For me, the best part was the research procedure. I found it interesting on how the program has search tools that can:

* Import Private Label Rights articles

* Search and import images from Google, Tinypic, and Flickr

* Search and import video from YouTube

* Create great blogs in languages other than English using the embedded translation utility

* Quickly "rewrite" copy using the synonyms and replacement tool

It's not very difficult to do because the program does most of the work for building blogs that is optimized for the keywords that you decide to focus your marketing around. Another feature is that you can prepare a certain amount of post or articles and make a schedule of which post will be published on what day and the Blog platform (Wordpress / Blogger) will publish the post according with the schedule and you can work on the next projects. A really nice and clever feature.

The Bad Parts:

As always the worst parts was all the hype that goes along with an how-to product like this. I suppose its a necessary evil that most Internet marketers do as well (including myself). I also worry about the long term viability of building blogs that are not full of prime content.

It just doesn't sound like a recipe for consistency and I would worry if all your income was dependent on Google search results only. Then again many of us receive most of our traffic from Google, so I guess that's not so bad. Although you will be provided with many articles, you might want to write your own or consider hiring a freelance writer to give you more articles on a partially subject that may not be included with Blog Hatter.

The Bottom Line:

At $67 it's not too much money to invest and as always, if you are truly interested in making money on the Internet, I would suggest that you go to the Blog Hatter website and watch the entire introductory video (11:15 mins) before purchasing.

Take the next step of actually getting the product, and then study it in detail. Follow the simple instructions and put into practice all of the tips and tricks that they teach you. If you are interested in blogs and you want to see how someone uses them as an Internet marketing tool to make lots of money, Blog Hatter Pro 2010 is worth a closer look.

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