Monday, April 5, 2010

CabSense Helps You Locate NYC Taxi Locations

sensenetworksWe’ve covered several taxi applications including CabEasy which helps people find cabs to share and RideCharge which allows you to book and pay for taxis and car services in a variety of cities. Today a new mobile application will launch from SenseNetworks that is aimed at helping people in NYC locate cabs.

NYC is different than most cities in that you can’t call a number to have a taxi sent to your location. There are private car services which you can book but for a yellow taxi, the only way to grab one is to step into the street and raise your hand.

CabSense, available for the iPhone and Android mobile devices, won’t help you call a taxi, but it will help you figure out where is the best place to stand to hail a taxi from your current location. I’ve found that many times just moving to a corner increases your odds of grabbing a cab. The CabSense app finds the best location, “by using complex machine learning algorithms trained on over 90 million taxi trips to rate each corner in the city”.

From the launch announcement, CabSense also includes:

  • Radar View – A color-coded tool that points users to the highest rated corner nearby
  • Time Slider – Plan ahead and view the best corners to find an available taxi at a later time and day
  • Taxi Hailer – Once users find an available taxi, they can simply shake the phone and it will whistle for them (LOL – I wonder how loud this is!)

Another neat feature of CabSense — it will help you find a livery cab when you are in an area that typically is hard to hail a taxi. I’d love to see the app include a price tool which would provide a general idea of a taxi price and maybe even alternate public transit routings.


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