Monday, April 5, 2010

Children’s Easel in the Home

A Children’s Easel is a wonderful gift to give your child. They are especially nice for the younger children, because they are easily set up and put away for those who tend to want to do something one minute and something completely different the next. Kitchen tables can become a messy, distracting environment, stiffening creativity, whereas a Children’s Easel offers a more open and focused environment saving you on preparation and cleanup time. Many children’s easels or creation stations have tubs or trays at the bottom for art supply storage. Some even come with wheels which makes taking it in and out a lot easier. Children need some time everyday set aside for creativity and a children’s easel gives them a safe and isolated place to do that.

Small children are very bouncy and full of energy which can make it hard for them to sit down and focus on a project. With a Children’s Easel your child will be able to color till they can’t focus anymore, then go play and come back whenever and color some more. With this age group, it can be a hassle setting up you dinning room table with breakfast and cleanup, then a project and cleanup, then lunch and cleanup. A Children’s Easel offers the child their own separate little space to do their thing.

Use your children’s easel regularly. This way when they see their Children’s Easel coming out, they get excited to paint or color or do what ever project out have in store for them. When you bring it out try different spots like out side in the yard or in the kitchen while you prepare dinner. The Children Easel makes it so they don’t associate being creative one place. They can express themselves about more of the world around them when they are actually seeing the world around them. Take a small foldable easel and a pack of crayons or pastels with your child on a hike. Watch them try to draw trees and squirrels and bears that they haven’t even seen. Their imaginations can be inspired in many different ways.

Using a Children’s Easel also gets a child used to the correct way of making art. From a full standing uninhibited position. If children find their potential as artists and want to become one when they grow up, they will be one step ahead having already learned to express themselves with their full bodies and learning to step back and look at their work from farther away. This process helps an artist to view the piece as a whole, an object of beauty, and not simply focus on the details that you see from up close.

When searching for the right children’s easel try to find one with a clear plastic surface. There are so many more things you can do with this type of Children’s Easel, especially a double sided clears plastic easel. With a double sided easel your child can draw with a buddy and with a see through easel they can have a lot of fun looking at each other and perhaps even tracing each other through the easel. If you have a lot of kids there are 4 sided easels and even six station space saver easels.

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