Thursday, April 8, 2010

Could 24th April be iPad’s International Day?

There has been a lot of hype regarding Apple’s iPad for a long time. Before it was even revealed at January’s Consumer Electronics Show, speculation within the industry was rife with insiders predicting that some form of tablet PC was on the cards for the ever innovative firm. After its initial showcase the iPad hype has only continued to grow, with shares in the company rocketing, pre-order numbers coming in in their thousands, and queues of people waiting outside stores across America as the device finally hit stores on April 3rd. However, whilst the American public now have their hands on Apple’s latest gleaming device, the rest of the world continues to wait with baited breath for even mention of a release date.

Whilst Apple has confirmed that the iPad will be released internationally later in the month, they have taken great care not to reveal any specific date. However rumours circulating the internet are now coming thick and fast as a reported internal communication intimated that April 24th could see the iPad’s international launch. Firstly Apple employees in Canada were told that they could not take holiday on April 24th, followed by reports that British workers had also received the memo. Whether this is to prepare for imminent launch, or will be the actual day is not agreed, though a Saturday unveiling would follow U.S patterns.

Meanwhile, whilst U.S individuals had a three week pre-order period, there is only two weeks until April 24th, causing more speculation on whether pre-orders are to start any day, or the launch could be a week later to give a similar three week ordering period. Either way, iPad frenzy is certainly growing, even amidst reports of glitches, and whilst no details can be confirmed, fans are holding on to every hint they get.

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