Thursday, April 8, 2010

First Page of Google - Necessary Steps to Produce 1st Page Results on Google

Necessary Steps to Get On The First Page Of Google Site Structure To Needed To Rank Higher on Google

1. Site structure includes using proper Header Tags like H1, H2, H3, H4 and so on in the main body of the text.

2. Meta Description In The HEAD SECTION, Make Sure you include a short description of the page information under the Meta Description area.

3. Meta Keywords in the head section, Though this does not do much for a site anymore it is still helpful in determining what the search engines are looking for when crawling your website pages (DO NOT SPAM) which a bunch of keywords, rather use a few of the main keywords that you can expect to find information about on that particular page.

4. Using properly named pages like including keywords in the URL or page name but do not spam the URL with a bunch of keywords. Example of a properly named page/URL ( should tell a visitor that by visiting this link they will get information about selling a home. The wrong way to name a page would be ( what the heck is page one going to be about. Lets say page 1 is has information about Selling Real Estate then even the search engines will be confused about what the information is going to hold once arrived. Consumers like to look at the link URL as well to determine if they should click on it when it is indexed by the search engines, this gives a detailed idea of what they can expect when clicking on the link.

5. Getting your Website verified by Google *****

6. Creating a site map for your website so that the search engines can index and access your entire site for those hidden pages that are not easily accessible.

7. By fixing broken links will remove that dreaded 404 page not found you see all the time

8. Internal Linking between pages. This is the process of linking within your website to other pages of importance

9. Link naming based on where they are going to take you example (About Us) should take you to the about us page of your website, Do not use (Click Here) to take you to the about us page.

10. Make sure site is user friendly not just search engine friendly.

11. Get links from trusted sites that have the same relationship and or offer the same products that your site offers or provides.

12. Pictures & alt tags (Include the name of the picture in the alt tag)

Alt Tags are something every web designer or newbie should pay attention too as well when building or updating a website if you expect to have higher rankings on Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Other Factors That Will Improve First Page Results On Google

  • The Age of the site is still one thing Google will use into consideration when ranking a website. Older websites will get a little boost from Google especially when someone makes some structural changes like adding new pages or fresh new content will get a quicker boost than a relatively new site just built in the recent months.
  • How many back links coming into the website, Just do not Use link farms otherwise you are likely to get penalized by Google for this tactic.
  • Having quality content about your services or products is another way to increase rankings over time but do not spam with a bunch of junk on every page also known as keyword spamming.
  • There still are many other techniques to get on the first page of Google and if the above techniques or advise does not get you to the top of the search engines then it might be time to hire a search engine optimization company to do the work for you.

Though there are never any guarantees that anyone can get your site on the first page of Google but most of the time when doing the necessary changes to the websites structure as well as on site and off site you should see results within 30-60 days once completed.

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