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Forex Trading Training, Signals and Forex Market Analysis

forex Trading and Training

If you are visiting Forexoma home page, it is because you want to make money and you have heard that forex or currency trading is one of the best ways to achieve this, but you do not know how and you are looking for a reliable forex training resource. Or, maybe you have already tried to make money through currency trading, but you have not been successful and so you are looking for a trustworthy forex market analysis and forex training program to join.

You can make money with currency trading. In fact, you can make thousands of dollars per month or even per day. However, you can also "lose your shirt" in forex market. This is a fact, and you should know this if you haven't already learned this the hard way. This is the reason why you should start slow and trade with someone who you can trust, and at least, why should follow the market with a trustworthy forex market analysis program.

Forex trading is risky and only those who know how to do it, can be profitable. But don't think that you cannot become a good trader. In fact, in comparison to other businesses, forex trading is one of the best and easiest businesses in the world. Really, it is! Here is the first secret I will share with you: the simpler you keep your trading strategy, the more profitable you will be. In fact, there will become a time when each additional indicator you put on your chart will cost you.

Maybe you already tried to make money through currency trading , but you have not been successful. You may even have lost some or a lot of money. You have tried several signal providing services, forex market analysis programs, auto-traders, expert advisors and robots, training courses, DVDs, e-books, seminars and webinars, different systems and strategies, indicators...but you still lose as a trader.

Please watch a short video:

Our Forex Trading and Training Service Is Really Different

Our Training Method:
The forex training part of our program is offered through analyzing of the live forex market. Unlike the other programs that work on the back-data, we analyze the live forex market. Therefore, we find and report the forming trade setups and so you not only learn how to analyze the forex market and find the trade setups, but you can also take the positions and make money.

Our Daily Market Analysis Videos:
Most part of the forex market analysis and also the forex training materials are represented by videos. We have some videos everyday about the forming and formed trade setups. You not only get ready to take the positions when it is time to, but you also learn how to analyze the market everyday and find the trade setups. Here is one of our daily market analysis videos. Please click on the below image to watch the video:

Trading Strategies and Tips Videos:
In addition to the daily market analysis videos, we provide several educational videos about forex trading, trading systems that we use, indicators and many other necessities a forex trader should know. This is included FREE with your membership to Forexoma Live Market Analysis. Our videos are designed to save you a lot of time and money by shortening the learning curve and making trading more profitable. Here is one of our videos that talks about one of the candlestick patterns:

Trading Psychology and Discipline:
Forex trading is not about the techniques only. Maybe 95% of forex trading is experience, the ability of controlling of emotions and discipline. Therefore, techniques and forex market analysis are not the only things that we focus on. We do our best to help the subscribers to become able to control their emotions and trade like disciplined traders. Here is one of the videos we made for our subscribers. This video is focused on the controlling of the emotions. We have a lot more videos of this kind. By watching these videos and following their instructions, you will trade like a PRO much sooner than you could imagine:

Analysis of the previous days formed and forming trade setups:
Forexoma is not just a buy sell signal program. Education is the main goal of this service. We do not just find some signals for you. We follow the formed and forming trade setups to learn more from the market. We explain why a signal worked the way we expected it to work and why the other one did not behave properly. We help you to maximize your success rate through distinguishing the perfect and safer trade setups than risky trade setups. Here is an example of a video which is focused on analyzing the trade setups that we had already found and reported. In this video we have compared different trade setups that we had and we have explained why only one of them was the best to take and why the others had a higher risk. We have also explained about having a higher success rate through taking the positions that are confirmed and strong. Please watch this video carefully:

Different Trading Styles for Different Traders:

Our program satisfies different traders with different trading styles:

  • Intraday Trading:
    If you are interested in intraday trading, we have great programs for you. We analyze the GBP-USD and also EUR-USD markets for trading in two main trading sessions, New York and London session. In our intraday trading program, we follow three strong and accurate systems that support each other. We show you the market direction and the forming trade setups, the stop loss and the target positions, several hours before the right time for taking the positions. So you will be ready to take the positions and you will not miss any trade setup. No matter where and in which country you live. You can take the advantage of the New York or London session.

  • Swing Trading:
    If you are interested in swing trading, we analyze and extract the signals on most time frames, from monthly to one hour for more than 25 currency pairs. Therefore, you will have so many trade setups in your hand, from different time frames and so you can trade based on any time frame that you are interested in.

  • News Trading:
    At the beginning of each week, we have a complete list of the economy news that will be released during the weekdays. We show you the effect of each news on the currency market and the related currency pair. In our technical analysis, we also consider the news and the economic situation of different countries. So we will have a better understanding from the market. If you are interested in news and fundamental trading, you will also be able to do it with us.

  • Trend Reversal or Continuation Trading:
    Our systems show us both the trend reversal and also continuations signals. Continuation signals are safer to take, however, good and strong reversal signals are also highly profitable. We show you and send you both of the forming and formed reversal and continuation signals. We will analyze the risk/reward ratio of each signal and will inform you about the risk and reward of each trade. Could you trade forex easier?

Signals Come with Education:
Our forex signals come with education. We tell you and teach you how to analyze the market and find the forex trading signals. Our signals are accurate and strong with a very high success rate.

You are free to keep in touch with us, ask your questions and also keep in touch with the other members through our discussion board. You can discuss about our forex training materials and signals, ask your questions and receive your answers in no time.

24 Hours Access to Our Forex Market Report:
You can have access to our forex trading and training materials, forex trading signals and market analysis through three different ways: 1- forex market analysis results will be posted on our report platform and you can have access to it 24 hours online. You don't have to sit at the computer all the time. When there is an update or trade setup, it plays a sound and you can come and check the market analysis report. 2- When there is a trade setup, we email you instantly and you will know what currency you should buy/sell and where your stop loss and target values should be placed. 3. In addition to email alerts, you will receive the forex buy sell signals through SMS too. You receive our SMS alerts through your mobile phone, no matter where you are and what time it is and you can trade through your mobile phone right away. So you make money even when you are on a vacation.

Briefly, you can not find any other program over the internet that can be comparable to our program. Guaranteed!

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