Saturday, April 3, 2010

Gmail Updated for the iPad

The latest in the wave of special iPad versions of your favorite apps? Gmail. Built on the year-old HTML5 Gmail web app for the iPhone, the Gmail for iPad sports a double column display and looks great with whole threads unfurled. "Tablets like the iPad give us even more room to innovate," the Gmail team said today.

We look forward to using other Google Apps on the iPad, too. Sometimes little things like far more screen real estate and touchscreen interactivity aren't so little at all.

We expect to see some fundamental interface and user experience innovations come out of this new way to use apps. Even subtle changes like Gmail's looks exciting, though.

The use of HTML5 by web apps, which supports local caching of data for fast access, will take the mobile web or native app debate to a whole new level on the iPad.

See also: Lifehaker on how to change your browser user agent to iPad and get this interface on any other computer.

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