Friday, April 2, 2010

GPS competitor coming in market coming

American Global Positioning System is yet to get any serious competitor till now, which may change in the upcoming future. Russia is developing a microchip which will work with both Global Positioning System & Global Navigation Satellite System, developed by Russia itself. The GNSS system was developed long ago, but was suffering from unavailability of fund and advanced technology.

The Glonass project which was taken by Russia similar to GPS navigation, was a fail the for the first time it launched, there were lack of satellite, lack of funding & the chip to support GNSS was big enough not to fit in handheld or similar mobile devices. The price of a single chip was around 100$, more than the price a single GPS enabled device. Along with the price, the GNSS didn’t have enough satellite to monitor 100% of earth surface; it could cover only Russia & two-third of Earth.

After Putin came into administration he refunded the project, encouraging the scientists to enhance the GNSS project, result of which is Glonass, which may lead out the GPS System in long run. And in addition to that Glonass can be integrated with other navigation systems too.

A Russian Company Called KB Navis is developing a micro chip which will work on GPS, GNSS and other satellite systems used for navigation. This new cheap will be smaller than GPS chips, cheaper and energy efficient. Although Russia is not going to a straight competition with USA GPS system, they are trying to go with hand in hand with GPS system to allow their chips to accept both GPS and GNSS, in the near future when Russia will be adding more satellites to their navigation system and upgrading it.

We will be waiting for GNESS system to come in handheld devices and will see if they can beat GPS or not.

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