Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Gregg Shorthand - The Secret of Easy Work

What comes first into our minds when we hear the word write? It is an art and ability in which individual can learn depending on its development. Each of us can have the talent of writing when we learn how to do it. With the help of our parents and mentors specifically our teachers if we are already in school they taught us the right way on how to write. From the basic way up to the usual way that we will use for the rest of our lives. It helps us in our daily activities as we go to school if we are still studying, in meetings for people who are in to business and for secretaries, journalist together with the reporters and writers.

After learning the normal way of writing we also want to learn different kind of system and one of this is Gregg shorthand. This was invented by John Robert Gregg to help people in their career in connection with different businesses that includes writing in taking down notes for them to remember. It was made easy for an individual who wants to use it and it does not take much time to practice everything and effort is less exerted.

A great help of the writing system Gregg shorthand brings satisfaction to journalist as they write down the happenings that they discover. Instantly they jot down notes for them to easily remember what had occurred and for them to immediately finish their work ahead of time. It is simple to practice this kind of system that each of us will be able to learn how to do it right. A day to day practice can give us the ability to know the system easily without hesitations that we can used it in our daily events. Always remember to make use of this kind of writing so that you cannot forget how it is applied

To use Gregg shorthand it is necessary for all of us to know what would be its function for us who are learning the system. It helps us realize the importance of taking down notes in a meeting or seminar in which long topics are being discussed and we want to remember the essential points that are to be considered so that it will not fail to recall it. if given much effort we can absorb the idea on how to do it without difficulty.

There is a significant benefit in using Gregg shorthand in our everyday happenings. All of us can enjoy its usage if we have the knowledge about the writing system. Though it is hard for a first timer time will allow for you to discover or find the points needed to acquire the technique to be use. Today, we are not able to recognize the importance of Gregg shorthand for the reason that there are already new high technology that could help us to finish our work more faster with less effort exerted. Somehow the system of writing is taken for granted but this is very useful for us individuals especially those who are office workers and people with business.