Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How Do the Top Ten Lists Help?

Right from our childhood we are used the ranking system. Our mind automatically evaluates that anything that is rated on the top ranks has to be good. We know the person who stood first in the whole class has some thing special in him or her. 'Rank 1' has some magnetism in itself. Likewise, ranking anything in the form of a list prepares us to see it that way. The best example to quote here are the music countdowns. Even the kids know that if something is ranked in the top three, it is something good, so they usually download or play only those games that are rated among the top 3 or top 5. So the words like 'top 10' stand a great meaning for us.

Now various bloggers and website builders have applied this formula to the World Wide Web. You can now come across several websites that show the best 10 list or top ten lists of various events, peoples, things or random topics. The topics of the lists vary from music videos and films to beauty creams, slimming pills and even video games. The listing system makes surfing fun and simple. Anything that is rated no. 1 ought to be better than the rest. So it facilitates easy comparison among products, brands and other stuff. Any brand that is rated No. 1 in any countdown, it boasts a lot about it and focuses on this fact everywhere in their ads. You might have read in some advertisements lines such as 'Ranked No. 1 by the consumers,' or 'one among the top rated brands in the country.'

Also, the users or the surfers get a hint of what the other users across the globe think about any given product or service. That is possible because many websites now tell you to rate the products in comparison to each other. Then, based on the data collected, the top ten lists are placed on their website. This has been a very successful selling strategy online.

The music lovers and those who love watching videos online love this sort of ranking. This is especially helpful with the new movie releases and songs. The song lovers usually click on the top 5 songs out of the lot. Most oft, the top 5 songs are the ones that you are looking for. The actor who is rated on the top in the list feels proud of the fact. And that is how the fans show their love towards their favorite actor. Likewise, the women are rated for their beauty and attraction. Many leading magazines of the world conduct surveys and rank the leading ladies as per their looks. This adds a feather on their cap for life.

The young and old net savvies often love to gauge through the video lists offered on various web pages as well. They are not only fun to watch, but also quite easy to navigate the things in the list become quite easy to sort out. Many websites are enjoying increased traffic with the help of these fun videos