Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How to Enjoy the Art of Writing

Ink pen has become a rare sight nowadays. With modern writing equipments emerging day by day, people seldom think of troubling themselves with an ink writing tool. Ballpoint ones steadily replaced ink pens. But now, gel pens have replaced even ball pens. Now even the gel pens have taken a step forward in the form of roller ball pens.

These are normal ones with specialized tips which facilitates easy and smooth writing. These roller ball pens uses water based ink or gelled ink. The main advantage of these pens is the low pressure smooth writing. It also helps to avoid many of the disadvantages of ink pen and the conventional ball pens. Ink pens need constant care and maintenance.

The ink cartridge has to be constantly filled even everyday if the usage is more. It is not suitable to write on some kinds of papers as it will lead to blotting and the writing will not be smooth too. The smooth writing of the pen depends on the nature of the nib and any damage to the nib makes the pen loose its quality of writing.

Ball point pens on the other hand have their own advantages and disadvantages. Ball point pens have oil based viscous inks. These inks tends to smudge with prolonged usage. Though these ball point pens are clearly better than ink pens, the roller ball pens are definitely superior over them when it comes to the nature of writing.

The main advantage of the roller ball pens is the quality of low pressure writing. To write clearly, less pressure needs to be applied. Hence less pressure is needed to hold the pen and this gives a great comfort to the fingers. This is so much comfortable to students who have to write many pages and for long time during exams.

These roller pens facilitate beautiful writing too. These gel based inks have the option of being available in a wide range of colors. This is due to the availability of wider choice of water soluble dyes and pigments. The letters are usually more bold and bright. The words are more clear too. It does not smudge on the paper and gives smooth writing on any kind of paper.

These roller pens comes with special extra features which gives more comfortable writing. For example the see through cover of the pen makes it easy to assess the level of ink in the cartridge. The only disadvantage of these pens is that, it uses up more amount of ink than a conventional ball point pens. But otherwise, these roller ball pens are definitely a good choice for a good writing.