Thursday, April 8, 2010

iPad Airport Security Advantage Puts It Ahead Of Notebooks More at : iPad Airport Security Advantage Puts It Ahead Of Notebooks

By Ranjan Bhaduri
193525-ipad_180Apr 8, (THAINDIAN NEWS) Like any Apple product, the iPad has generated a storm after its release in the market and it has got its share of supporters and detractors as well. However, those who were going to dismiss it for lack of flash and no multitasking better do a rethink. The device may not be a full fledged business PC as such but it has the potential to be lapped up by the business users in the coming days. When used at home, there are many areas where a laptop beats the iPad hands down, but when a person is going on a trip he would find it easier to carry the iPad instead of a laptop.

The light weight and small footprint of the iPad gives it an obvious advantage over the bulky and heavier laptops. Apart from that the users will be able to get rid of the TSA security checkpoint at airports. If anyone carries a laptop to an airport it needs to be placed in a distinct bin for undergoing inspection. However, the TSA has ruled that since the iPad is not a laptop it need not be put through such a procedure. What it means that the users will not have to spend extra hours at the airports if they carry the iPad.

The superior battery life of the iPad excels at long distance travels and the people taking continental flights can expect the iPads to last over hours without requiring a recharge. The executives who have no time to waste and want a no fuss web access device would do better to take their iPads out when they are on a trip.

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