Tuesday, April 6, 2010

iPad Wi-FI (Wireless Issues – Problems)

I checked Apple discussion board for iPad and saw many wi-fi questions. So I thought this is not a trick but it is a tip on how to setup your iPad Wi-Fi for wireless connection.

First ask your self do you have secured or unsecured wireless connection?
If secured:
1. Go to Settings
2. Go to Wi-FI
3. Click on Your Wireless
4. Punch in your WEP key
5. Connect to it.
If NOT Secured
Follow all steps above except no.4

Now since iPod Touch iPhone and iPad have pretty much same settings, we already covered full tutorial on how to fix Wi-Fi connection issues in this post just replace iPod Touch word with iPad.

Well we hope this post is going to help you get online with iPad.

Also these are some good tutorials to follow as well.

iPad WiFi (Wireless Troubleshooting) Part 2
iPad Wireless Problems

Remember iPod Touch and iPad are same thing when it comes to configuring wi-fi connection.

If you still have Wi-Fi issues, please leave comment below. Somebody from from public or I will help you resolve the iPad Wi-Fi issue.

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