Tuesday, April 20, 2010

IPod Touch 2nd Generation – a Review & Price Comparisons

Macworld 2009 looks to be the coming out party for the new 64 GB iPod Touch. Rumors have been buzzing since this summer that Apple would be looking to release a version of their iPod Touch with even more memory, and with the thought that a 64 GB iPod Touch is in the plans, fans of the tech device have reason to be excited. It could be as soon as this week, at the Macworld 2009 Expo in San Francisco, California, where the announcement of the new Apple product is made.

The 64 GB iPod Touch release date may not be the only big news about the iPod Touch that gets released at Macworld 2009. There are also heavy rumors that the price points for the iPod Touch product line will be lowered in an attempt to make them more comparable with the iPhone 3G and like products. The rumors don't just stop there though, as there are also thoughts that the iPod Touch could get GPS capabilities, making it an even “cooler” toy for fans of Apple to enjoy.

The iPod Touch is one of Apple's portable media players, which affords the user the ability to not only play songs, but to play videos and movies in a very compact version. The Wi-Fi platform was designed and marketed by Apple starting in 2007, and has quickly become one of the more popular products in the realm of “touch screen” electronics. Previously the iPod Touch had been available in 8, 16, and 32 gigabyte formats, and with the introduction of a 64 GB system, it is just going to ramp up the capabilities for users.

Macworld 2009 starts on Monday, January, 5th and the thought is that at some point during the 5-day expo that Apple will make an officially announcement about the distribution ideas for the new iPod Touch 64 GB.

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