Tuesday, April 20, 2010

LG Electronics launches 3D LCD TVs in India

New Delhi: Consumer electronics major LG Electronics has announced the launch of its 3D LCD TVs in India in partnership with the Valuable Group. The company has procured licences to telecast IPL matches in 3D formats.

LG Electronics will set up its 3D TVs where cricket fans will gather, including restaurants and cinema theatres across the country to coincide with the Valuable Group’s live 3D broadcast of the final four games of the Indian Premier League.

The 3D TV model is one of the first commercially available 3D TVs in the world. It is viewed using polarized filter glasses which are light weight and affordable, enabling large groups of people to enjoy brighter 3D pictures regardless of viewing from a distance. Viewing of cricket and other sports like soccer, polo etc will be much more exciting on 3D formats, the company said in a press release here.

On the occasion, Moon B. Shin, managing director, LGEIL, said, “This arrangement will secure LG’s position in the 3D TV market in India. Considering the Indian market, 3D is a big bet for the television industry. The lack of 3D content, high pricing, and the required use of glasses remain big hurdles for the new technology. Keeping this in mind, LG will plan an aggressive marketing strategy to create a market for 3D TVs in India. We are looking forward to strengthen our market share in the 3D TV segment.”