Friday, April 9, 2010

Mens Laptop Bags: The not so generic kind

We got a request for a roundup of men’s laptop bags from one of our readers after seeing our top picks of women’s designer laptop bags. Totally understandable, because why do you guys have to suffer with boring, ugly, or worse, generic laptop bags.

Jack Spade Nylon Laptop Messenger

For the modern man, the simplicity of the Jack Spade messenger makes it our favorite.

Marc New York “Vintage” Vertical Laptop Messenger

Marc New York “Vintage” Leather Messenger

The Marc New York messenger bags give you an edgier look, and also work great if you seek a laptop bag that doesn’t look quite like a laptop bag.

Kenneth Cole Leather Luggage/Laptop Messenger Bag

This bag makes reminds us of explorers and adventurers, and the classic color makes this a timeless piece.

Classic “Saddle” Leather Laptop Messenger

Another classic color, the simple design is great for the more low key guy.

Kenneth Cole Reaction Black Laptop Messenger

Kenneth Cole Reaction Brown Laptop Messenger

If you are mainly looking for function, then these two bags are for you.

There are a few important things to keep in mind when shopping for your laptop bag. Other than a price you can afford, they are the following:

  • Comfort- How does it feel on your shoulder? Easy to carry, etc?
  • Weight-Does the bag itself weigh 5lbs? It may not be the one for you since your laptop will create enough weight on it’s own
  • Style- Do you like looking at it? Does it fit with who you are and what you’re about?
  • Quality- Does it feel like it’s about to fall apart or like it could really survive all the frequent business flights you’ll be on?

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We got a request for a roundup of men's laptop bags from one of our readers after seeing our top picks of women's designer laptop bags.

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