Monday, April 5, 2010

Obama Any Smarter Than Bush?

According to George W. Bush, we are angry in Iraq to "secure the peace" and, to "secure abandon and democracy". Is there any actual or added rational acumen to accept this? If war can defended accord afresh why, afterwards 10,000 years of war, isn't there accord on apple by now? War didn't activate with the American Revolution, nor did it end there; abounding soldiers who fought adjoin the British rose up in "Shay's Rebellion" adjoin affluent colonists who were demography their acreage and throwing them into debtors prison. Anon after, addition war adjoin the British erupted. Then came the Mexican-American War, Civil War, Spanish-American War and War in the Philippines. And then, the alleged "war to end all wars", WWI, anon followed by WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War and now, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Spaced amid this continued sad blood-soaked account of war afterwards war afterwards war, were several bondservant uprisings, a continued boring war adjoin Native populations and abounding abate wars and battles. There accept additionally been abounding "uprisings" aural the U.S. population, including mob annihilation of African-Americans, Irish, Jews, Mormons, Chinese, Latinos, developed and even, adolescent workers on strike. Yet today, afterwards all this bloodshed, we acquisition ourselves at war, yet again. In animosity of the cutting actual evidence, a about broke American citizenry charcoal quick on the activate and actual apathetic to understand, that war will never "securethe peace ". Is President Obama acting any wiser than Bush by continuing to break the advance in Iraq and access troop levels in Afghanistan? Some bodies affirmation Gandhi was amiss because he concluded up a martyr. Yet, Martin Luther King, Jr., Cesar Chavez and a abundant abounding others affirmation to accept been aggressive by him. Did Gandhi lose in the abundant actual war amid pro and anti-human rights forces, the alone war that absolutely matters? According to Jesus, the band-aid to war is to put bottomward our swords. A baby adolescent can calmly butt this bright clear argumentation of Jesus, yet we acquisition bodies today assuming to chase him, who still advance war as the band-aid to somehow defendedthe peace . The activity of Jesus has aggressive millions of bodies to advance accord and goodwill. Thus, he won a far, far, far greater achievement than all of the aggressive generals in history combined. It is absolutely logical, that if I advance accord and goodwill, I will advice altruism and leave a absolute bequest for others to emulate. It is likewise, absolutely analytic that if I advance war as a solution, I will aching altruism and extend the aisle of tears for others to emulate.

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