Monday, April 5, 2010

Reasons Why Some Internet Marketers Fail

No pain, no gain! Does that sound familiar to you? I bet it does. What does that have to do with internet marketing? Well, let me tell you. In life, there is what we call heaven and hell, and winners and losers. Not much of a difference in the internet marketing business. We have the successful internet marketers and on the other hand, there are those who failed in this field, the not successful internet marketers. You may think of technical reasons why they failed. Maybe because they didn't have enough knowledge about internet marketing, or maybe they didn't have what it takes to become a successful internet marketer. True, maybe! But what is the real score in failing in this kind of business?

It is not internet marketing that failed you; instead it is you who failed internet marketing. Why? You may lack the will to succeed. Failure is a common thing to everybody. Everyone fails once in a while at a point in your life. It is a matter of your willingness to fight back and stand up from where you have fallen. Even successful internet marketers experienced failure. They didn't just become successful in one click, they also did fail at a point but they refuse to give up. They learned from their weaknesses and picked up the pieces one by one and started to put them back together and have worked harder to face the challenge they went through from failing.

You see, it is not your capability in earning money online is the problem because everyone has it. Everyone can learn about internet marketing. The problem is how you handle failure. Success and failure is always a part in the internet marketing especially when you're just getting started. Internet marketers set goals to achieve. But when they failed to achieve their goals, some tend to quit. Some would just stop trying and just walk out from what they thought is irresolvable. That's when true failure comes in the internet marketing business. As you allow yourself to be clobbered by failure and quit for good, you will be an official internet marketer failure.

Do you know who Colonel Sanders is? He is the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken. When he retired from the military and received his $105 retirement salary, he decided to sell his chicken recipe. For 1005 times he has been rejected, he never even thought of quitting until someone finally agreed to have his recipe. Look how famous KFC is now.

Don't let one failure consume you. Let it challenge you to strive even harder. There's no assurance that failure will only come once. But with the right attitude, no failure can bring you down at anytime. Learn from it because it will lead you the way to become a successful internet marketer.

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