Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Save 30% of Battery Life on Your Android Cell Phone

If you have Droid, Nexus One, T-Mobile G1, MyTouch or Android OS Cell Phone you can save 30% of your Battery Life with simple application which is free to download from Market App Store.

Ever wonder why your battery life is so short even though you are not using your phone so much? Well most common reason is because applications that you are not even using might run or ran as background process.

Thing is that, most Android powered cell phones don’t allow you to view what’s running in the background and even if they do, how do you turn them off?

Advanced Task Killer app is your answer and solution to save battery life. Sure most of you might of already use so this post is most for people that don’t. At the bottom of this text, ill let you know also what other tricks you can do with your phone to save some battery life.

So back to the Advanced Task Killer app:

It checks all Apps that run in the background and gives you the option to kill them, by doing that you save a lot of battery. Why would you allow application to run in the background if you are not using it at all? Right?

To get Advanced Task Killer , just go to Market App search for “Advanced Task” or “Advanced Task Killer” and it should be green icon that looks like Gremlin to me :) . It’s Free to Download.

Some other things you might consider to save battery life:

  • Turn off GPS if you are not using it
  • Turn off Wi-Fi if you are not using it.
  • Dim your screen
  • Disable email (if you are not using it) or set email checks to 1 hour.
  • Charge your battery at about 15% of battery life if possible. (Charging it each time at 90% or even at 50% battery life, makes battery go bad faster)
  • If your battery is over 2-3years old you might consider buying new one.

Well those are some of the tips that can be very useful to save cell phone battery life on any phone not just android phones.

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