Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Shocking Secret - How the Experts Promote Their Products For Free

Do you have a great product and an attractive looking website but no sales? Are you thinking of just throwing in the towel? Don't stop yet. You need one simple ingredient to get your business off the ground, and that's traffic. The great news is that as long as you can write then you can promote your business without spending a single cent!

Here are some pointers that you should keep in mind when writing articles to promote your website.

1. Use an engaging title

The title of your article is the first thing that the reader sees so make sure it is eye-catching and engaging. You want to ensure the reader is curious to know more about what you have to offer inside your article.

2. Organise your content

Make sure your article is well-structured by including an introduction and a conclusion. Use bullet points and numbered paragraphs in the body content to guide your reader through and make your message clear.

3. Solve their problems

The most useful articles solve a problem that the reader has. Perhaps they need to know how to stop red wine from spoiling their carpet, or how to stop their cat clawing their furniture, or how to promote their business by writing articles.

Take time out to research your niche or market; spend time reading blogs and lurking in forums to see what problems people are sharing. Write about the solutions to these issues and how the reader can overcome their problems.

4. Keep the sales pitch to the resource box

You don't want to turn your articles into a sales letter, you want to show the reader how knowledgeable and helpful you are by giving them the solutions to their problems in a way that's easy for them to follow and understand. You can then use the resource box to tell the reader what else you can offer them at your own website.

5. Create an article marketing campaign

Once you have written your first article it's all too easy to submit it to a single directory and then wonder where all the visitors are. Article marketing should be considered a marathon rather than a sprint. Create a structured article marketing campaign; it's easier than it sounds, just write four or five articles everyday and submit them to the top five directories.

The more articles you have out there the more people will see them, over time you will build your credibility in that niche and the number of people who click through to visit your own website will increase.