Friday, April 2, 2010

VoIP and India Calling Card

VoIP and India Calling Card
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In today's world of communication there are lots of choices for consumers to make. There are number of programs and technologies available using which one can communicate with friends and relatives across the world.

Today let's compare VoIP and Calling Cards. For making call with VoIP both the callers needs to have a high speed internet connection otherwise voice quality will be compromised but in case of calling cards all the communication is routed through a land line to server and as it is not split into packets of data it leads to less lag and thereby better call experience. People who have to make calls frequently should use VoIP whereas those who make limited calls must stick to calling cards.

Calling cards give you a number of options using which you can make cheap international calls. If you want to make calls to India then you can use India Calling Card for making inexpensive calls to the country.

Hopefully now you must be having a better understanding of VoIP and Calling Cards.

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