Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Facebook Should Be Banned In Every Country

It is already banned in Syria, China, Vietnam, and Iran. It is also blocked in many places of work to avoid employees from getting distracted. The ban coming from the Pakistani government is a welcome step. To say that the government should ignore this and take care of other problems such as illiteracy, poverty, etc, comes across as silly. This is also a problem. The government represents Muslims. Here is the list of banned sites.

The government should be praised. Whether people want to delete their accounts themselves is a personal choice. It is used for business and people interact with relatives and family members. Nothing wrong with that. However, aren’t there other social networking sites that can be used to interact with family and relatives. And is Facebook really used for business. Who are we kidding.

There is no force on anyone to delete their accounts. But to bash the government for taking such a step is incorrect. I do agree that the government should have left other websites alone, such as Youtube and Wikipedia.

There is news circulating that Facebook incurred a loss of two billion euros in two days due to Muslims leaving Facebook. In my opinion, the news is false. Lies are being spread around. Facebook is huge. Muslims leaving it will not create such an impact.

Calling Muslims hypocrites because we burn their flags, and treat them according to our whims in Saudi Arabia is highly idiotic. Just because the Saudi government is a hypocrite, and some people in the subcontinent are crazy does not justify the crimes of the west in the name of freedom of speech. Yes, we do certain things wrong, but what about their crimes against humanity.