Saturday, May 1, 2010

Is Cloud Computing the Next Big Thing?

You may or may not have heard about cloud computing. It has been the talk of many technical magazines and websites lately. Cloud computing is an on demand type of service and internet based but it normally delivered from a data center. Cloud service can save an individual or a business quite a bit of money. Instead of having to invest yourself in the hardware that would be necessary to process all of the services you need you simply pay for the services. The servers that are necessary are in the data center and owned by the data center.

You gain reliability when using cloud computing. Data centers are set up redundantly. The level of redundancy varies from data center. Redundancy allows the data center to have more reliable up time. The way this is accomplished is if one server goes down there is another to back it up and so forth on down the line. When you set up your cloud computing account included will be a quality of service agreement. This agreement should include the amount of up time that is guaranteed for your account.

Cloud computing also allows you a scalability that you may not otherwise have. If your business grows you do not have to go out and buy new hardware to support it. You can simply increase your account. on the other hand if the economy is on a downturn and your needs decrease you do not own equipment that you are not using. You can scale back your account as well.

Security has been a concern to many businesses when they do not have physical control over their data. The concerns range from data loss to data theft. Security is actually normally increased when using cloud computing. Data centers invest a lot of time and money into security. A lot of times they have the money to invest into security procedures that you as an individual could not afford. In this way your data is probably more secure in the data center environment. If you have not yet considered cloud computing as a service for your business you may want to consider it. The benefits are vast including the amount of money it could save your business.