Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Need For IT Security Implementation

Whether you have a large or small company you have to process your data and that include the collecting of information, than the analyzing of that data, and finally the storing of that data. From day one your company will begin to collect data and over the years there can be a considerable amount of data collected. Data can become lost over years, worse it can be leaked outside the organization. This is why it is important to implement IT security measures that will protect your confidential company data from becoming lost or leaked out.

Compared to just a decade, information technology has expanded and evolved into the Internet we know today. Most of us had enjoyed the perks the Internet has to offer including e-mail, communicating with other around the word, and live chat. But this IT growth also means there is a need for solid IT security that not only protects your data, it protects your systems from unauthorized usage, access, modification, and destruction.

There are three key concepts that your IT security needs to address - they are integrity, confidentiality, and availability.


Integrity deals with stopping just anyone from being able to modify your company data. IT security stops your data's integrity from being compromised by putting security measures in place. This IT security will also protect you data from virus attacks. It is critical that your data is stored in a manner that it is never compromised either through loss due to theft or loss due to sabotage.


Confidentiality is critical to keeping client data safe and secure as required by law. Data will be available only to those who are authorized to access this information. Different personal can be assigned different access levels depending on their position and need for access to data. Credit card data is just one example of information that must be kept secure and confidential and available to only limited individuals such as the finance department. IT security will do just that.


Your IT security involved putting into place measures and controls that ensure the system is functioning properly and that the data that needs to be available to the designated users is actually available. There can be various levels of security in place that allow different users different access to different information stored in the data.

IT security is a critical component to any network so make sure you give it the attention it deserves.