Thursday, May 20, 2010

YouTube and Facebook Stands Blocked in Pakistan

Facebook stood blocked in Pakistan over the controversial anger over a page on the site. Facebook is a social networking site in which people can post their images, and make them public. The site was used to post images of Prophet Muhammad, which is totally unacceptable by the Islamic community.

Though the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority did not cite any speficic material or page on either YouTube or Facebook, but it eventually went forward to block the access to the whole sites calling them “growing sacrilegious contents.”

The Pakistani government welcomed representatives from both the sites to get together and reach a to a conclusion that “ensures religious harmony and respect.” But the conversation could not succeed and action was taken again the two websites.

A spokesperson from the website company said, “While the content does not violate our terms, we do understand it may not be legal in some countries,” “In cases like this, the approach is sometimes to restrict certain content from being shown in specific countries.”

Though the ban saw some early support from the country people; but later the day, it also saw some hard arguments posted on Twitter, another social network site, which still was unblocked. The Internet users really seemed angry due to the restrictions posed on the internet use in the country.

“Sad and embarrassing day in the history of Pakistan. Tough times to be a Pakistani. Questionable decisions in a so called ‘democracy,’” was posted by one of the users on Twitter.

Some other countries have also banned some of the social networking sites. China has permanently restricted Facebook and YouTube, but it’s readily available to the users through proxy servers, or various other means.