Friday, May 6, 2011

77% of Americans say Obama was born in the US: Poll

Washington, may 6: the Americans who believe that President Barack Obama was born in the United States, the percentage rate increased significantly, when he published the birth, the new Washington Post poll has revealed.CBS News quoted as saying that 77% of Americans believe Obama was born in the United States, now, 68 percent a year ago. Eighty-Six percent say it is at the very least, their best guess He was born in the United States.

Those who say Obama is likely to be born abroad has fallen to 20% of the annual report of the Post-ABC, then to the 10% of the new query, even if only one percent of the respondents say they have "solid evidence" to support that belief.

CBS News/New York Times survey will be carried out in mid-April, before the long form birth certificate, State-of-the-art it was found that one in four Americans, including nearly half of the Republicans, Obama was born in the United States is believed to be wrong outside of the publication.


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