Friday, May 6, 2011

Bin Laden Abbottabad compound fast becoming a tourist destination

London, may 6: If Osama Bin Laden holed in Pakistan itself has already become a secret compound in the tourist destination of tens of people flocking site only days after he was shot dead.Sightseers are thronging the place of expensive Abbottabad, Pakistan, where Al-Qaeda leader meets his end of the fringes.

The terror chief s-ports remain closed, the compound, visitors are given free access to the surrounding area after the Pakistani army investigators scouring pastes in the House.

Local resident Ali Abbas, 43, who has begun a campaign to turn the final page of the official home of the Lade s tourist site, welcomes the interest and claimed many more visitors could follow in Europe and the United States.

Westerners are crazy people. Although local to foreign or not, will be permanently, if it has been declared a tourist site, the Daily Mail quoted Abbas as saying.

IT is very good in the city. People go to and see where the world s largest terrorist lived, he said.


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