Friday, May 6, 2011

Bulgaria: the comprehensive nuclear-test-ban calls on youth to join in building a safer world in the UN

Realizing these goals is not easy. It means the investment when the dividends may not immediately. The use of the actual wage may become the line down. But only if the bold measures are taken now, ban told a group of users, Sofia University, Bulgaria, where he had been invited to speak, his vision of the world for the next two decades.

He said the current generation is the first, the means and the know-how of the global poverty, such as leikkaisi, he stressed the importance of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), which was laid out by the world's leaders 10 years ago hyvinvointijärjestelmä known as the roadmap.

He said progress had been made in the reduction of extreme poverty, development, the possibility to primary education, women, the improvement of the health of mothers and children, the killer diseases such as AIDS and malaria and to protect the environment.

Like never before, in the context of the fight against poverty and the promotion of growth in the developing countries to create jobs and growth back home. How to build the prosperity of the new generation that s

The prohibition on the use of the environment, told the students, faculty members and dignitaries gathered at a University, without the consequences of the consumption of days have passed.

Our test is green in our economies to reduce emissions, and clean energy growth, he said. Green economy goals requires connecting among climate change, water, energy, food security and other fundamental challenges for the 21st century, according to the points that one problem solutions, solutions for all.

The power of nuclear safety, the Secretary-General said, the public and the growing number of Governments are realizing that the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons to bring only the illusion of security.

As long the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons exist, we live in a danger: nuclear proliferation of the nuclear war of catastrophic accident or terrorism. The only way to remove these risks is to eliminate nuclear weapons.

He recalled his visit to Ukraine last month to mark the disaster there for 25 years, the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, the site tells the audience that he called a top to bottom review of nuclear safety standards.

For the purposes of the comprehensive nuclear-test-ban recommended greater role for the UN International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on nuclear safety issues, and stressed the importance of natural disasters, and nuclear safety of the connection. He is also a new cost-benefit analysis called the nuclear energy and nuclear safety, nuclear safety and emphasized the connection between the two.

Remind you of your democratic transition from the Bulgarians in 1989, the author of Genesis, the prohibition of the development of the then current compared to the events of North Africa and the Middle East, where people require more civil and personal freedo

Visiting Tunisia and Egypt recently, I saw a fresh possibility that euphoria Bulgaria was two decades ago, he said in the same sense.

These are the most opportunities to represent the one of the rounds to promote human rights and democracy in a generation. Are properly handled, they may become a model for similar transformations throughout North Africa and the Middle East.

But he noted the success of these social transformations cannot be expected to require the entire international community and to consolidate a strong support.

Bulgaria has much to offer the democratic process. You know how difficult it is to build a democracy the transformation of the police State economies to extract and create the rule of law.

I hope, as this new generation of revolutionaries, to understand their drea to join the United Nations and other

Previously, on Thursday, Prime Minister of Bulgaria, of the prohibition also meets the Boyko Borisov, the Sofia Mayor Yordanka Fandakova and s Tsetska Tsacheva, Chairman of the National Assembly, the country s. His visit to the Eastern European nation on Friday

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