Friday, May 6, 2011

China's richest village Scale new heights

Beijing, may 6: China's Jiangsu Province, the village is unusual because all of its inhabitants live in plush Villas and at least two cars in the learning activities of the Central Bank of the USD accounts each and have free health care and education.Huaxi village, China is now all set to reach new heights-it is training 100 new pilots in the air transport services in the tourism project, the China daily cited the Yangtze Evening News as saying in the report.

Major tourist Draw for the time being a unique success story, the village has already become splurged USD 13.4 million for the purchase of two helicopters and is planning to acquire a fleet of 20 aircraft for the next five years, in addition to my airline!

The designers intend to fly in this village for tourists from all around the pilots training, the maximum number of visitors.

Ambitious plans asked avitation, Wu Xie'en, a village chief, said the village is about two million visitors annually, and this prompt in the tourism industry a huge eye Huaxi.

In the village during the flight, which will focus on the chopper takes approximately 15 minutes to fly around the height of two to four passengers, for a period of up to 300 metres. Each flight is a budget of US $ 4,460/hour.

Spead the radius of four kilometres to the population of the village during the 36,000, this is not one of the largest China hailed the success stories today.

In 1957, Huaxi was only around 1,800 inhabitants and 576 Yuan (US $ 240) for the resources in the sleepy village.

Five of the last decade, it is the capital of Angmar revenue 229.6 billion Yuan (44.89 billion USD).


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