Friday, May 6, 2011

CIA spied bin Laden from Abbottabad safe house

Washington, may 6: the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) reportedly maintained its spies to engage a broad control of the compound where the Al Qaida leader Osama bin Laden was killed by a group of Navy seals, the last Sunday of the month period. "safe-house in AbbottabadThe Obama administration, the Washington Post quoted the officials as saying that the secret CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY, the port facility has been used as the basis for most of human intelligence, that Pakistan, one of the data sources and other sources to synthesise the pattern of the life portrait of the seats and the day-to-day operations for the collection of the converters rely on the properties of the compound.

Is the surface of the control of the country-of-the-business intelligence-gathering was part of the pusher is acquired from August last year after the discovery of suspicious complex.

It comes with almost all of the classes in the US arsenal, the satellite pictures within the intentions of the recording of the sounds of eavesdropping the quantities of fish in the field of action of the collection.

The effort was so large and expensive that the CIA: N went to Congress in December to secure her tens of millions of dollars to fund the Agency's budgets within the assortment it authority, Us officials said.

For the most part, that, according to the surveillance of budgetary positions and the surveillance capabilities of the Office of the United States Navy remained the seals raid after 1 a.m. Pakistan.

Agency s safe house did not affect the role of the deck, and since has been shut down.


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