Friday, May 6, 2011

Few changes seen on food prices: UN Apr

FAO: food price index average of 232 points in April, when it fell to Mar the eight months of consecutive increases, then the almost unchanged. It was, however, not yet 36% higher than it was in April 2010, the news release is told in the Rome-based agency.

Sugar prices and the decline in the index of the rice to stabilize, but helped almost all the other food commodities to international prices were considered closed.

(A) of the sliding dollar and oil prices are high, as the case may be, to contribute to the monitoring of foodstuffs intended for human consumption in the prices of raw materials, in particular in the grains, said David Hallam, Director, FAO s trade and market-sharing.

With continued strong demand, prospects for the return to more Normal prices hinges greatly depends on how much production is increasing in 2011, and how much of the grain reserves are consolidated with the new season, he added.

FAO: N cereal price index average of 265 points, 5.5% more than in Mar, and the last of more than 71% Apr of maize prices increased by 11. atmospheric distillation and wheat increased by 4% in the last month as a result of bad weather and planting delays.

Grain prices were more than offset Apr by Mel counts, milk products, sugar and rice, while the prices of oils and meat were mostly unchanged, according to FAO.

The Agency said, referring to the most recent entries in the recovery plan for the World cereals production in 2011, provided that the more normal weather. Wheat production is expected to rise to 3.5% and 3% of the rice.

Although the outlook at the beginning of 2011, cereals production is good, the weather is critical in the coming months, FAO said Abdolreza Abbassian grain analysts.

Production 2010 prospects were very favourable last year at this time, but bad weather between July and October, the outlook changed dramatically as he noted, adding, among grain maize is the most worrisome.

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