Friday, May 6, 2011

In India, the Special Envoy of the acts of the u.a.e., the passport shall be issued and renewed complaints

Dubai, may 6: the Indian Embassy, Abu Dhabi will soon designate deal with the complaints, the passport shall be issued and shall be renewed, the consular official said the Ambassador MK Lokesh.The consular section will deal with the complaints already made by telephone, but can be processed by the designated official to agree to more effectively, Lokesh said.

He added the four problems that arose after the new agency-BLS international services took the Indian visa and Passport Services April 6 was separate.

Was widespread complaints about poor customer service and a proposal from the author (s) concerned, issued the visa and passport delays after the outsourced services had been taken of the new agency's Gulf News reported.

Lokesh said the delay in issuing visas and passports in the later issues had been resolved.

Now is not the passport applications are pending. Passports in the United Arab Emirates and the United Arab Emirates is hereby renewed for an additional period of five working days, outside and within 40 working days, he added.

Asked to renew the passport was issued in Southampton in time for the appeal, the Ambassador said, could be a few individual cases had to give the new users, but the grievance mechanism to solve such a column.

Lokesh, it was clear that the Embassy is dealing with the complaints lodged in Abu Dhabi only.

Dubai Consulate General Dubai and the Northern may own the United Arab Emirates applications related to the complaints, he said.


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