Friday, May 6, 2011

' Indian investors face discrimination, Ghana '

, Francis Kokutse Accra, may 6: the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC) has said its policy not to discriminate against foreign investor and the fears of some Indian investors rejected that Chinese companies were currently being favored against them.Senior investment officer, GIPC, Noah Gaikpah, said, "the complaints were not in order to be useful and that the investor, who had a genuine complaint, the aim should be the main centre."

"We have been established on the basis of regulations when it comes to investment in the country, and is firmly attached," Gaikpah told IANS.

Indians spoke to investors who refused to be named, afraid of reprisal IANS. However, the claim will come only weeks after the part of the Ghanaian industry claimed that the land in the open, non-discriminatory trade policy with China was to kill the domestic industries.

Several local companies last year appealed to the Ministry of trade and economic pressure was coming, and were at the level of their industry-reducing because they could compete with the Cheap Chinese imports.

The head of the trade, bilateral trade, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Cletus Ayaaba, the Government was aware of the threat, but China was the country because the country had different mulitilateral contracts will expire from imposing protectionist system that saves the country must be signed by members of the local industries.

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