Friday, May 6, 2011

The Indian move to Mumbai after the masterminds in Pakistan? WE will make sure that the

"I do not want to speculate too highly the activities, which was clearly the unique history of the United States and world history," State Department spokesman Mark toner told reporters Thursday when asked if it encouraged India to adopt similar measures, 26/11 elements in Pakistan.

"We had a private individual, who was possibly the greatest man in the world and was the most serious crimes perpetrated against the citizens of the only American citizens, but around the world," he said

"I do not want to draw too broad a picture here," toner said. "What we've all along is that this was the single, when we had actionable under the intelligence, we are against him, because we have believed he had a direct and immediate threat to the United States."

Within certain individuals were from Pakistan attacked the Indian Parliament, and who were responsible for the hundreds of people in Mumbai, the color of the substance, said he was aware of these cases.

"For us cooperation in the fight against terrorism with India and Pakistan is in progress, and we believe that it is for exactly such elements," he said.

But the color of the substance to be made clear that the us again to perform a similar operation, despite warnings from Islamabad that Pakistan's sovereignty more violates the warrant review of military intelligence, where necessary, the cooperation with the United States.

"I can only say that our position is quite clear that we believe this individual was a direct threat to the United States and the United States, as well as the citizens of the world," he said. "And when we have the intelligence, actionable under the intelligence activities to such we going."

Dye said the Administration had, Obama reaching out to Congress to listen to their concerns and passes them to the members of the Government of Pakistan.

"These are the concerns that we share, honestly, these concern possible assistance-that he (Osama) have been", but Washington is believed to be that "it is our fundamental interests, to continue such cooperation" with Pakistan.

"I think we've committed to this relationship. We believe that our national interest. That said, we are quite clear in our concerns and we will Wait to hear the response. "

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