Friday, May 6, 2011

Microsoft to buy a BlackBerry to Apple?

Speculation has been triggered by the presence of Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer's RIM BlackBerry world, an annual Conference for developers and customers, partners, and Florida this week.

Although the MEASURING RIM unveiled a new slimmer BlackBerry Bold smart phones 9900 and 9930, multi-platform BlackBerry Enterprise solution, the new BlackBerry operating system, and to update its aging handset configuration is the annual gathering Gloom has lifted from Canada informed the wireless giant.

RIM stock plunging, which began last week after the company slashed its quarterly Outlook below sales, is to find some takers, prompting analysts to say that the company that invented the telephone in the smart tag is almost in terminal decline and ripe for a takeover.

They cite the presence of Microsoft, Managing Director of the World Conference as the Tip of the BlackBerry in the following months, the obvious place.

These analysts say that if the RIM-about USD 24 billion-to-market value at the current pace, by sliding the BlackBerry Maker is reduced to only 15 billion USD soon.

"Microsoft (currently) to 48 billion dollars in cash. If the value of RIM may result in a loss of USD 15 billion, it will be an attractive target for Microsoft. Perhaps Steve Ballmer was planting that seed during his Keynote appearance at world level ', ' Harry of Blackberry Wang, mobile research, Parks Associates, the Director told the premier "skor".

In addition, with its main competitor, Apple is now worth over US $ 320 billion, analysts say, will allow for economies of scale makes the BlackBerry Maker just distorted the world's largest technology company, against the r and d expenditure.

In addition, such as the processing of the data is transferred from the desktop to the laptop and now to the smart tag phones and tablets, Microsoft is understood, is to enter the mobile space, if it is to survive. This objective has launched Windows 7 phone and just become a strategic global handset market leader in the conversion of the Nokia, which accepts now Windows 7 phone Smartphone strategy with the key.

But if Microsoft never Apple and Google in the mobile space, the software giant have to apply to the hardware vendor for the giant such as RIM, which fits the Bill of materials (BOM), because the BlackBerry maker to display also the huge base of users to the Microsoft company.

Analysts, RIM has just informed its Bing Microsoft provides the default search engine blackberries is an obvious tip for the coming months, the future of the partnership say.

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