Friday, May 6, 2011

My song ' Judas ' is not a religious statement: Gaga

London, may 6: Pop Star Lady Gaga is being criticised for his new single Mary "Judas" in his advertising, but he says the song has nothing to do with religion. ""The Video is not the view of the religious statement. I can view it in a social statement. Can I view the culture statement. Metaphor has. It should be a Bible lesson " quoted him as saying.

DJ White shadow, which is produced by the singer of the hit "born this way", is blasted through the track, which critics argued it is a copy of the Madonna is the Italian "Express yourself".

"I think that it was the bulls ** t organized. I think that is the height of one hundred pieces, and could place the BPM (beats per minute), and the loop and make them sound like nothing. Actually five songs out of the same song on the radio are exactly the same time. Just now. Why does anyone still bring that? That is f *** ing drug crime.

"How many people have been copying Gaga because she came out? Oh, I have the answer: all. Have you seen the painted face or on the other hand, the eye in Flash photos during the cover-ups-bolts? "


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