Friday, May 6, 2011

Pakistan defends ties with us, warns India

Pakistan responded to the Indian defense officials claim that India is capable of carrying out activities such as the United States, saying that such a catastrophe and misadventure can bring Pakistan s defence property does not appear to underestimate the danger of the situation of Osama.

Osama bin Laden, the 54-year-old fight against international terrorism and the United States on 9/11 attack was killed in the firefight, the architect of Pakistan's border city of Abbotabad compound of his hideout in the US Navy seals and the CIA, in the form of a contribution at the sitting.

Reiterates that the activities of the United States was a covert operation and Pakistan have been consulted, Bashir said, in their relations with the United States is the nose-diving, his knowledge.

He said unilateral action is not the right way, but wavered by what to do if the US, Pakistan again holed in Pakistan in the second, the objectives of the fight against terrorism a clear answer.

IT must be assessed in the light of the historian. I am saying, if it is legal or illegal, said Bashir, is on us to do it again, if necessary, statements.

Bashir s expression clearly shows Pakistan s helplessness in Slamming, not even orally, without informing the Islamabad Osama operation USA.

He said cooperation with the United States is a two-way street and that international law, in cooperation with the US, and we are bigger domain looks forward to this cooperation.

The infringement of our sovereignty, according to the new xeno is amply clear from the opposition, he said.

It is important to continue the cooperative mode, and red lines not to cross, he said.

Bashir and the legal issues raised in the context of the moral and the Charter of the United Nations and the principles of the UN Security Council resolutions but stopped, and referred to in the us in a strong way, Slamming.

Referring to his recent us visit, he said: We have strategic partners, he said, the ties nosedived, according to our understanding.

The ratio is the lowest stage, that is not entirely true, he said.

We have an excellent exchange of views, he said, referring to his recent visit to Washington.

IT is in the right direction, he said.

He said Osama bin laden is history and the development of the 2 may should be reviewed in the context of the right. ?

He said, Slamming Media is unwarranted ISI. He said the Government, and the ISI gave any cover to Usama.

He thanked the fight terror against the ISI, and said, what had happened to General Intelligence error, but this is not a value judgement.

He said, there is no reason not to mistake that Pakistan, the Pakistan presidency of the people hold dear to them for their individual ambition.

The nation as a whole and the State institutions is determined to maintain the sovereignty, he said that Osama was the covert actions and Pakistan had heard.

Into India, he said: There should be a wrong impression of our defense capabilities. There should be a misunderstanding of this account.

The Indian defence chief s attention, that India is capable of naming India, for the purpose of carrying out the operation without such surgical, he warned, the terrible disaster that unilateral action or misadventure.

We See a lot of bravado in the area. ... Are the phrases that have become ... from the army. .. in the air force ... which indicates that this will be repeated. We think that would lead to a terrible misadventure in the sort of disaster, he said, referring to the Indian army officials "bragging".

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