Friday, May 6, 2011

Pakistan's Prime Minister, the aircraft continues to snag the mid air

Islamabad, may 6: Pakistan Prime Minister Yousuf breed Raza Gilani's particular aircraft was returned to Paris after it developed a snag mid-air, it was reported here.The aircraft had developed a problem with the automatic pilot system, taking 15 minutes to Press Islamabad, Pakistan, the newspaper reported.

Gilani had gone to Paris for a three-day official visit.

The Media report, said that the special requirements of the Airbus A-310-300 aircraft, the type of the currently running Test, which Pakistan's VVIP flights of the air force to hit air traffic after the turbulence of the minutes and the auto-pilot, take the system also carries out the failed.

The aircraft began to pressure from one page to another, when it was in 1996.

The pilots managed to manually control the aircraft and decided to return to. The extra fuel was burned before the hour, and the side of the aircraft landed at Orly airport.

The airport is closed to air traffic at 11 p.m., but special arrangements had been made in Pakistan, the aircraft's landing.

The delegation will return home on a regular basis now PIA flight from Paris Friday evening.

The official was quoted as saying the aircraft could have gone to Islamabad was able to fly more smoothly after the initial problems.

The nature and the VVIP flight duration of eight hours, the decision was made, however, to take back.


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