Friday, May 6, 2011

Pillay's concern about Bahrain crackdown

The trial of the military courts of civilians is always cause for concern. Without proper procedure, and then in the secrecy of the trial is illegal and absolutely unacceptable to the application of the death penalty, respect for human rights Navi Pillay High Commissioner said in a news release.

The defendants are entitled to fair trials in civilian courts, in accordance with the requirements of international legal instruments, and the Bahrain international human rights obligations of s, where he will be added.

Bahrain has a number of Nations in the Middle East and North Africa, which has been rocked this year by protests calling for increased democracy, the rule of law refor, and Government s crackdown on Klimafl├╝chtlinge must be affixed to the criticism of UN officials, including the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, which is the largest safety device called for dialogue and called on the inclusion of all parties.

On Wednesday, the Ministry of Justice of the Bahrain s announced that 23 and 24 of the doctors and nurses from the Salmaniya medical complex are duly tried war legal fees unlicensed protests including participation in and instigation of hatred against the Government.

Last week four of the demonstrators were sentenced to death and three to life imprisonment, two of the policemen alleged the killing. This took when reportedly held without their families, arbitrary and limited access to lawyers.

In addition, hundreds of people reportedly detained in the Protest movement, including teachers, lawyers, journalists and bloggers, medical professionals, artists, activists and members of political bodies, the Office of the High Commissioner (OHCHR) s.

The Government has submitted a final rough estimate of the number of persons in detention, the 400, but OHCHR has received the information that the number may be greater than 1 000, of which more than 50, the place of residence is unknown.

Pillay, that he is at least four people in custody in particular concerned about the reported deaths. There has to be in these cases, the death in detention of independent investigation and torture allegations. Bahrain authorities must stop the intimidation and harassment of human rights defenders and political activists, by ensuring that their civil and political rights protected.

He called on the Government, as a matter of urgency, an independent, impartial investigation and to bring all those who were responsible for assaulting and killing demonstrators and legal protection, the Government repeated its request to allow OHCHR-assessment mission to the country.

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