Friday, May 6, 2011

US Lawmakers raise questions about Pakistan, but defend the support

"We have to be granted to Pakistan is not an easy partner. But the kuulostanut distance ourselves from the impartiality meant Pakistan would be a wise and very dangerous, "Dick Lugar, the top Republican member of the Foreign Relations Committee, said at the hearing of the Senate during the United States on Thursday to assess the extent to which the visa policy in Pakistan-bin Laden after the killing.

"It undermines the United States of America and the United States intelligence capabilities to restrict and prevent the conflict between India and Pakistan and further complicate your military action in Afghanistan, searching for the terrorists to stop cooperation and remove the safety of its engagement with Islamabad on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons," he said.

Defend, send money Islamabad after bin Laden hiding in Pakistan, were found in the Area admitted that it raised questions about the reliability of Pakistan as the ally, but cautioned that it is "a strategic country in which we operate."

Too democratic Committee Chairman John Kerry, said that even if he is, "unusual" about Pakistan's military or intelligence services were involved in protecting the parts bin Laden, the US should not rush the judgment that could ultimately hurt its national security.

"Does not matter, what about the events which would require killing Osama bin Laden, we are still essential national security interests in this region, and we have worked hard to build Pakistan, sensitive and difficult, and can be challenged, because sometimes the partnership," Said Kerry.

The u.s. Institute of Peace in South Asia Adviser Moeed Yusuf called for pragmatism and realism in US Pakistan's expectations. "Pakistani relations will never be a" good ". But they are still necessary, "Yusuf said.

"There are things that money can't buy. In the case of Pakistan, and their strategic thinking is, "he said. "India and Pakistan, normalization is critical of Pakistan, but it does not have our support, which is expected to do the trick," he said

The US military and aid in Pakistan has a total of approximately USD 20 billion over the past decade. After Monday's raid, many have questioned what the United States for the purpose of the payment.

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