Friday, May 6, 2011

We have not forgotten: Obama is the 9/11 Memorial

Before laying Wreath Red, blue and white flowers to the 9/11 memorial site here in the memory of the killed person 3000-the al-Qaeda attack, President Barack Obama met terror attack, a Manhattan firehouse, he remembered the tragedy of the engine of the company's home-the survivors in a 54-year-old, who lost 15 members of the twin towers Collapse.

This is Obama's first visit to ground zero point, and he bowed to remember the horrific attack of the dead, according to the aircraft. He set a wreath in the tree that was planted there after its recovery from the 2001 foot in an attack on the huge rocks.

The Alliance survivors and emotional tribute to attack that occurs later in the 10-year long manhunt Osama bin Laden, and finally ended with the killing of terrorism concern that traffickers may be diverting Pakistani Abbottabad Monday in the wee hours of the attack on the diseased.

Speaking at the "Pride of Midtown" Firehouse, engine 54, ladder 4, Battalion 9, Obama said: This is a symbolic site for an additional victim, who had done the same: the terrible, almost 10 years ago. Of course, we cannot bring back to your friends, which was lost, and I know that each and every one of them grieve not only, but also has to deal with over the last ten years the members of their families, their children, trying to give them comfort, tries to give them support.

Speaking of the first Precinct police station here, Obama said the operation to send a signal to Abottabad-around the world that we never forgot the extra male, which was carried out on September 11th.

We will never have forgotten tragedy. we never have forgotten lives. We will never forget the courage you, which was shown by the NYPD, the fireman, the first of the defendants, he said.

My understanding is, everything was the same. And I know that you'll never forget. I know that it s difficult to fill the hole, which occurred as a result, you can lose Seriously that you had worked for so long. But what, I hope this weekend will have it in their hearts, says we keep; We have not forgotten; What we did what we said-it is going to do, we had; and that the Americans, even in the midst of a tragedy, had encountered together with the whole year, politics, party, different administrations, make sure that justice is done, he said.

And, so that by the time of the year, I know, you're much more likely to be adopted shall be bcomforted loved except those that were lost. You have a lot of their child is probably the children without a parent undertaking grew. And a lot of you can continue the exceptional acts of extraordinarily courageous--without fanfare, he said in an emotional speech a lot.

We did on Sunday, was directly connected to it, what to do every day. And I know that I speak for teams of military intelligence teams, which helped to get bin Laden, saying that, we know that the male and the courage that you show as well and that you have a team that will help us achieve our goal, but we can also keep the public safe every day, he said.

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