Friday, May 6, 2011

Whether your wife too tired of sex "? Circadian rhythms to blame his faster

London, may 6: women may be too tired for sex in the evening, because of their circadian rhythms are faster than men ' s, and so they have to go to, to sleep in the past, the new research.The six women '' to carry out on-the-minute faster than the men s circadian rhythms: a '' s, a much more likely is the early birds, night owls instead.

Harvard researchers have stated that the report on women in the early morning insomnia for about 50 pc more often than men. When they wake up, they have difficulties to go back to sleep.

It helps to explain why women are often even with the lark, even though their partners as part of the morning for a long stay on the slumbering.

However, women may end up in the patient group sleep only because of the faster they will try to sleep cycles and in the evening in the hotel before being woken prematurely by too much light in the morning too.

We found was that women's biological clock length was shorter on average than men, it was the Daily Mail quoted the cycle What Jeanne Duffy, one of the authors ' investigation ' s than tells NPR.

The average difference was approximately six minutes, he added.

According to Charles Czeisler, Professor of sleep medicine and the doctor is in the millions of women from the Harvard Medical is fighting their circadian rhythms faster on a daily basis.

Harvard Brigham and Women s hon hospital has released the findings of the investigation.


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